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Medical Aesthetics Exposure® Doctors Facial
Medical Aesthetics Exposure® Doctors Facial

The Exposure® Doctors Facial has been designed to help create soft, radiant-looking skin, to increase skin tolerance to environmental insults and to restore normal skin function. Using our Exposure® propietary dermatological products together with a medical grade dermal roller, it helps penetrating into the skin to stimulate skin cell renewal, improve circulation and help rebuild collagen. The normal barrier function of the skin is restored, making the skin less sensitive and better able to hydrate properly. 

Skin care professionals recognise that the skin is a living organ with interacting functions. The Exposure® Doctors Facial is based on the latest advances in the field of non-surgical aesthetic medicine. It has been developped by our physicians and senior therapists, to help improving the quality of your skin. The procedure has been specifically designed to help on the following:

  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase smoothness
  • Reduce pore size
  • Improve elasticity
  • Generate a balanced, even skin tone
  • Normalize oil production
  • Increase the skin’s own ability to hold moisture
  • Increase skin tolerance to all external factors


After the Exposure® Doctors Facial, you may notice that your skin is smoother and clearer, with a healthy, even glow.  You may also find your skin to be supple, firm and naturally hydrated. Most importantly, your skin can be helped on becoming healthier and more resilient.

The Exposure® Doctors Facial is available exclusively at the Harrods UR Medispa.

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