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Medical Aesthetics Medicial diet
Medical Aesthetics Medicial diet
The protein diets under medical monitoring which have been so successful in Europe have arrived in the UK at last, thanks to Medical Aesthetics in association with Ysonut Laboratories, a european company with international expansion, that is the leader in the fields of medical dieting, Micronutrition and Nutritional Chronobiology. Ysonut Laboratories has developed the concept of Rythmonutrition® which adapts the parameters of Nutritional Chronobiology to dieting.

How Proteifine works
The basic principle is on the one hand to raise the percentage of proteins, which are indispensable for life, and on the other hand to lessen the intake of carbohydrates (glucides) and fats (lipids), which are responsible for weight gain.

The foods in the Proteifine line of products are not medicines. Nonetheless, they have been developed according to the latest findings in the fields of nutrition and chronobiology, which means they have a very real impact on the body. In this context of “medical dieting”, in which any inappropriate usage can have serious consequences, professional ethics demands that patients only can buy these products under strict medical prescription.

Furthermore, no weight loss method will work unless the guidelines are obeyed and strictly followed. Without a doctor to assure a patient’s compliance with the indicated rhythms and phases of a diet, such a diet cannot produce the desired weight loss. To the contrary, it can be a health liability.

For that reason, Proteifine products are only sold under doctor’s orders, directly to the patient.

These sales restrictions are the way not only of assuring the necessary medical monitoring but also of helping prevent middleman distributors charging patients higher prices for the products.


Will I constantly be hungry during a protein diet?
Except for the first two days in which there may be moderate hunger, being constantly hungry is usually related to a mistake in your doctor's recommendations. If you have a strong craving for "prohibited" foods during the course of the diet, the Dynovance or Sérovance products, which were created to help during times like these, will strengthen your willpower and help you get over these food compulsions.

Is a protein diet harmful to my health?
No. This is one of the many myths and prejudices about high protein diets. In the contrary, it ensures the protection of your bone and muscle mass.
Obesity, excess weight and especially trying to slim down without medical monitoring are the true dangers.

Will I gain weight back after a protein diet?
No.You will have learned to control your weight through the nutritional balance of chronobiology and the timely use of proteins and neuromediators to control your emotions and food cravings.

What should I do if I don't follow the diet correctly?
Above all, stay calm and don't feel guilty!
If your mistakes keep piling up, it means that you're having trouble following your program. Consult your doctor so that you can determine the best solution: a less stringent diet, use of the Dynovance and Sérovance products, help coping with stress...

My job keeps me very busy. Can I still follow this diet?
Absolutely, thanks to:

  • the variety in the different phases of the diet
  • the diversity of the possible products: ready-made, warm, and cold foods, etc.
  • Also thanks to the lack of fatigue and full support in controlling your mood and levels of stress.
Is the diet expensive?
No. Especially when you keep in mind that it's replacing your regular meals, as well as the high price of snacking in terms of both your bank account and your waistline...

Can I replace a Protéifine item with a homemade meal or something from the store (meal replacement)?
No. You should avoid this at all costs because the protein composition is very different.

For example, Protéifine soups have 18 grams of proteins with high biological value. Homemade or store-bought soups, on the other hand, don't have any protein! Replacement foods tend to have a high index of fats and glucides, as well as an insufficient amount of protein. Foods like these can never serve as the foundation of a high protein diet.

Can I exercise while following a protein diet?
Of course, we're not talking about the Olympics, but light exercise is highly recommended (swimming, hiking, light weight lifting, biking or jogging...). Exercising is also an effective way to combat stress and to get into the habit of regular physical exercise, a fundamental element for not putting weight back on.

Any interferences or possible problems are limited, benign and completely reversible. Most of the time, they occur because of a mistake when following the diet. If such problems persist or become a significant problem, consult your MA doctor.

For further details concerning your personal treatment, you can arrange a consultation with a Medical Aesthetics Physician.

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